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Scottish Culture

Scotland enjoys its reputation as a cultural and arts centre of excellence, and is a wonderful environment in which individualism can flourish. With rich diversity within its population, Scotland brings out the best of people, and may go some way to explaining why Scottish people have been responsible for more of the notable discoveries and inventions than any other nation.

PipersThe Scottish Highlands and West have retained references to the Celtic heritage they share, while the South of Scotland reflects roots in ancient Scots, Nordic and Anglo-Saxon influences.

Modern Scotland is a vibrant mix of international cultures reflecting a global perspective to help make all holiday makers feel welcomed and embraced.

Scotland celebrates being a world leader in many areas of the arts, and the vibrant mix of festivals across Scotland every year help celebrate the best of this rich culture. From dance to film, literature, music, theatre, architecture, fine arts and crafts to heritage produce, Scotland’s arts and cultural scene is thriving.


The official language of Scotland is English. Gaelic is also spoken in Scotland, with around 70,000 still fluent, mainly based in the North-West and Hebridean Islands.


Scotland has a population of just over 5 million, and the majority of the population is found within a triangle reaching from Glasgow in the West,to Edinburgh in the East, and North to around Dundee – this area of Scotland is also sometimes referred to as ‘the central belt’. Whether you choose to base yourself within this central belt with easy access to the larger cities, or book a remote cottage in a Northern glen, Scotland’s culture will reveal itself and you will find yourself caught up in the national celebration of Scottish culture.