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Why Choose Self-Catering?

Why choose a self-catering holiday cottage or vacation home? What better way to benefit from the freedom to come and go as you please, meet friendly Scottish people, and embrace the real Scotland?

By booking direct with our owners, you receive personal and individual service to make sure you get just what you are looking for.

Self-catering accommodation is great value especially for longer stays, and for families and larger groups. Self-catering holiday houses offer real living space, instead of just a place to sleep. Enjoy the best of both worlds, a fantastic holiday in a homely setting.

You don’t have to fit in with restaurant meal times, or worry about disturbing other guests (or them disturbing you!). It is also ideal for couples, families and groups who just want to be left alone to enjoy their holiday together. In fact, self-catering suits just about everybody!

Booking your holiday cottage with one of our owners and you will get quality, freedom, authenticity, independence, and choice:

  • Quality – all the properties on this website are quality assured by VisitScotland, the Scottish Tourist Board. Their quality assessment team inspects each property annually and awards a One to Five Star rating based on the overall quality of the property.
  • Freedom – to come & go as you wish. Freedom to indulge your own personal interests, and to be as active or as private as you want.
  • Authenticity – step out of being a tourist, and step into the lifestyle, real community and culture of our beautiful and welcoming country.
  • Independence – the prices and personal service which comes with booking directly with the owner, avoiding the commission fees and lack of local knowledge that comes with ‘call centre’ operations.
  • Choice – our properties are located throughout Scotland and offer you a vast range of accommodation styles and locations. Choose from luxurious and elegant city flats, rural country cottages, historic mansions, seaside fisherman’s cottages, or many, many more!

ASSC owner properties offer you value, quality and choice that makes your holiday decision almost effortless.