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Beryl Preuschmann


I’m Beryl, CEO and Founder of TRIPorganiser, the virtuoso of travel planning with the charming can-do attitude.  I’m on a mission to make stressful vacation planning and hum-drum holidays a dusty memory: care to join me?  In my previous working life as the savvy PR person for Visit Scotland, my key responsibilities were crafting wondrous enchanting exciting trips for journalists and other VIPs.  I’ve taken my industry expertise, passion for travel combined it with scrupulous research and a reservoir of enthusiasm to make every holiday or trip fabulous for clients like you!

If you are wanting a lone travel adventure, you’ll get it.
If you are wanting a unique fuss free family trip, you’ll get it.
If you are wanting a group holiday where you aren’t stuck being the group ‘Mum’, you’ll get it.
If you are diligent PA wanting to raise the bar & impress your boss on their business trip (and lessen your workload), you’ll get it.

Interesting Facts About Us

Here are some tag lines that describe TRIPorganiser as a business:

  1.  TRIPorganiser takes travel from ordinary to epic
  2.  Crafting dream holidays
  3. TRIPorganiser is a travel concierge service for mortals
  4. Delegate to the travel expert
  5. Are you ready to be spoiled? Call TRIPorganiser.
  6. Ready for the new experience in travel?
  7. VIP service: now for mortals
  8. Travel wishes granted!