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Ror’s Kitchen


Ruaraidh Menzies


Ruaraidh is one of the foodie experts.  Ror’s Kitchen caters for events and dinner parties, and is also in the process of launching a ‘Scottish Culinary Tours’ service.

Interesting Facts About Us

  • Ruaraidh used to work full time as a chef in restaurants. He now splits his time digital marketing (, and cooking with Ror’s Kitchen. It’s a great mix!
  • Ruaraidh learnt much of his cooking from his mother, Hilary.
  • Ruaraidh can’t bake. (Yet).
  • Ruaraidh hopes to one day start a highly sustainable small-hold restaurant, where everything cooked in the restaurant will be grown on-site.
  • Ruaraidh’s main influence in cooking is Neil Forbes of Café St Honoré, Edinburgh.
  • Ruaraidh only really cooks well when he’s cooking for other people. If I’m on my own, it’s beans on toast!
  • I don’t think I have a favourite food. It’s too difficult!
  • The best thing I think I ever cooked was either smoked salmon made from scratch, or duck with a mango, tarragon and shallot sauce.
  • I spend a very disproportionate amount of my income on food.
  • It was wine tasting that lead me to appreciate food and think about taste in a more analytical manner.