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Great Wines


Great Wine Online is a website providing specially selected wines from small wineries from most countries around the world, who are often personally known to us and whose products have been specially selected for our customer.  These exclusive wines are of high quality at affordable prices.

We can also offer a range of spirits notoriously difficult to source through conventional retailers but much sought after by opinion forming connoisseurs.  Members can find that elusive product that they have been searching and find new secret finds.

Our supply chain ensures that most of the range is predominantly exclusive to Great Wine Online and the wines are not and will not be widely available through retail outlets. We offer the range of Wines that Rock that feature iconic album cover artwork as their labels. We are always seeeking new wines to bring to the customers – and the Very range is just one! (Very Viviacious Viognier / Very Posh Pinotage and Very Sexy Shiraz) and the Chocolate Box range!

We offfer a range of personalised wines which are perfect as gifts- these can be personalised with the customer’s own design label and message.

Interesting Facts About Us

  • Wide and varied wine range
  • Wines from around the world
  • Not readily available in retail
  • Grape varieties for customers to try and experiment
  • Range of wine from Wines that Rock
  • Great case offers
  • Frequent wine and food matching
  • Aim to give confidence to customer when choosing a new wine to try