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Argyll’s Hidden Gems

Wednesday 5th Mar 2014

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that we aim to bring you inspiring holiday ideas and highlight lesser-known sights and attractions.  To give you tips on some of Argyll’s hidden gems, we spoke to one of the highly commended winners of our Real Scotland Photography Competition – adventurer, blogger and photographer Will Copestake.  Will has […]

Tips from the Locals: Stirlingshire

Wednesday 19th Feb 2014

These tips come from those who know and love Stirlingshire.  And what’s not to love?  Charming towns and villages, the historic city of Stirling with its fantastic castle (don’t miss the Tapestries), the dreamy scenery of the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park, views to nourish the soul… Whether you want to unwind in tranquil […]

Interview: Exploring Stirling

Wednesday 12th Feb 2014

As someone who shares tips for visiting a host of European locations in the Europe a la Carte travel blog, travel writer Karen Bryan seemed the ideal person to ask about visiting Stirling.  Find out what Karen recommends you do in the place she called home for many years. You write about the ‘best places […]

The Ghost of Edinburgh’s Past

Monday 20th Jan 2014

There are streets and alleyways in Edinburgh that no longer echo with footsteps; where broken pieces of wood snapped from holes in the walls are the only indication that traders once set up stalls.  A place that was once overground now shut away from the open skies, entombed below buildings. Mary King’s Close was just […]

Tips from the Locals: Edinburgh

Friday 17th Jan 2014

Edinburgh is a truly beautiful, beguiling city – one that grabs at your heart and refuses to let go. Having lived in, and been enchanted by, the city for five years, my tip for visiting is to just soak up the cityscape by walking.  Walk the length of the Royal Mile and feel history whispering […]

Interview with manonabeach: East Lothian Beaches

Monday 13th Jan 2014

I grew up near the sea and for me the beach is a place to unwind, recharge and refresh the spirit; a source of inspiration; a place where worries are slipped under withdrawing waves, lost to the waters.  What does the beach mean to you?  This is what manonabeach wants to find out.  As someone who spends his time […]

Tips from the Locals: Moray Speyside

Sunday 15th Dec 2013

We asked the good folk of Twitter for their highlights of the scenic Moray area and the most common responses were: its picturesque coastline, the dolphins, lovely woodland and hill walks, castle ruins, and its malt whisky trail.  We’ve put together this selection of tips from the locals to give you a few examples. Dolphin Watching […]

Interview: An American in Aberdeen

Wednesday 11th Dec 2013

Each month we give you an interview with a local for an insider’s guide to the area – this month our local is also a tourist.  Alison Chino has recently moved from Arkansas to Aberdeen with husband and four children, and together they are eagerly exploring their new home.  We wanted to find out which family activities they […]

In the Holiday Spirit: A Speyside Whisky Walk

Friday 6th Dec 2013

‘I don’t suppose you usually have people more interested in photographing a dram than tasting it’, I joked with Michelle Myron of Speyside Tours.  It was an evening in mid-October and I was on the Dufftown Distilleries Walk, trying to juggle a whisky tasting glass, a camera and a notebook without looking totally out of place. […]

In Pictures: The Beauty of the Moray Coast

Tuesday 3rd Dec 2013

Having been brought up on the Moray Coast, I could talk at length about its beauty.  For me it is a truly special place, brimming over with charming fishing villages, gorgeous views and stunning sunsets.  The picturesque village of Findhorn is where I spent many summers as a child: playing on the beach, learning to […]